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Lactation Recipes: Korean Seaweed Soup

I love pulling from other cultures to see how women nurture each other with traditional foods after birth. Here is a recipe that is close to my heart because I gave birth to my first son in South Korea, and this warm nourishing bowl of goodness was served to me at the birthing center. As the story goes, the history behind eating this Seaweed Soup came from ancient Koreans observing whale mothers gorging themselves on seaweed after birth. It just so happens seaweed is teeming with restorative vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, iodine, B vitamins, and omega 3's which a mother's body can be depleted of postpartum. This soup is also enjoyed each year on one's birthday to honor...

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Lactation Recipes: Oatcakes

I made these oatcakes for you today for three good reasons: 1. I loooove them. 2. They are a great on-the-go milk-making snack. 3. I had all the ingredients on hand and some pretty jam. If you've never experienced the oatcake, you're in for a treat. I have to warn you, though. They are not muffins. They do not have a cake-like crumb or delicacy. You did not do anything wrong. They ARE like 5 times heavier than a muffin with a crunchy exterior. It's crazy. These puppies are DENSE. Before you write them off though, let's take a look at the humble oatcake's impressive list of redeeming qualities. They are brimming with lactogenic ingredients. Oats, as most of us...

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Lactation Recipes: Barley-chata

We still have a few weeks left of summer, so let's pack in a few more iced drinks while we can! Here's a fun and festive beverage inspired by horchata, a Mexican rice cooler. In our version, we use barley for its super lactogenic powers. When barley cooks, a lot of its nutrients are leeched out in the water. What is left is a pleasantly savory and nutty drink which delivers a ton of B vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber to keep you feeling full throughout the day. Just like oats, barley has been traditionally served to new breastfeeding mamas for its healing and milk-producing effects. We all know it is important to stay hydrated while breastfeeding, especially in the summer....

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Lactation Recipes: Fennel-Scented Fig and Apricot Cookies

These cookies make me smile and giggle a bit because they represent the marriage of two of my childhood favs: the pinwheel and the fig newton. Who doesn't love a good swirl cookie? Such pretty and romantic cookies, and now they're all dolled up for the lactation cookie ball. The inside is a mixture of dried figs and dried apricots. Figs are a fly-under-the-radar kind of superfruit. Sure, they are ancient and represent male and female reproductive parts and all that fun stuff. But here are a few facts about their nutritional profile you may not have known: Figs have the highest mineral content of ALL fruits. In fact, their mineral profile actually mimics that of human breast milk. Figs...

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Lactation Recipes: Roasted Carrot and White Bean Hummus

I think the humble hummus has officially charmed its way into the American snacking consciousness at this point. We've all had it. Most of us have probably made it at home. A few of us bring it to every potluck. You know who you are. Let's face it. Hummus is a mama's dream. Quick and easy, versatile, packed with nutrition, and tasty. Carrots, a lesser known galactagogue, are loaded with Vitamin A. It turns out Vitamin A is critical for infant development. In fact, one of the reasons colostrum, baby's first milk, is considered "liquid gold" is because it is three times richer in Vitamin A and ten times richer in beta carotene. Why? Vitamin A is responsible for building...

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