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Postpartum Depression Care the Focus of New NPR Report

  Postpartum Depression: How Are We Doing? I just came across an insightful story by NPR's Rhitu Chatterjee, who reveals the state of the fight in America against a mental illness found in 1 in 7 pregnant or postpartum women, depression. The story takes you through one women's journey through postpartum depression, taking a deep dive into the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression, nationally.  Key Takeaways: Speak Up - Honesty with your partner, and trusting your gut feeling are two key reasons why this story had a happy ending.  Ask Questions - It never hurts to ask questions. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself and your family to get the most out of what medical coverage you're fortunate...

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What are B-Vitamins? A Guide to the Essential B-Vitamin Complex

What is Vitamin B? An A-Z Guide to the Essential B-Vitamin Complex  What is Vitamin B, and Why Do We Need It?  Vitamin B is a general term for the entire group of vitamins in the entire “B” complex. The reason we give them the "essential" label, is because humans can't make enough B-Vitamin on our own. Think about it this way; it's "essential" that you eat B-vitamins. Vitamins are classified according to the material they dissolve in, and accordingly, all the vitamins in the entire B vitamin complex are water-soluble. All vitamins are either fat-soluble or water-soluble. Although all b vitamins dissolve in water, each has its distinct chemical makeup and can be found in many different types of foods. When...

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Tips on Surviving The Holidays With A Baby

      The holidays are quickly approaching, which for many families means cold weather, travel, parties, and changes in general routines. All these things can be tough for babies—and what’s tough for babies, is tough for moms! Here are some common issues that arise over the holidays, and a few suggestions for handling them so you can better enjoy the magic of the season! I’m worried about traveling with my baby. For some families, holiday travel is inevitable. Stressful at the best of times, traveling with a baby brings a whole new set of challenges. What if my flight is delayed? How can I keep baby happy during long car rides? How do I travel with pumped breast milk?...

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5 Favorite Galactagogues to Help Boost Milk Supply

    From eating oatmeal to drinking a beer, women receive a lot of confusing advice on what to eat or drink while breastfeeding to help boost or maintain their supply! A substance that increases milk production is known as a galactagogue (also spelled galactagogue).  While galactagogues have not been evaluated by the FDA or even studied much, anecdotal evidence suggests they can be powerful breastfeeding supports. Before taking a galactagogue, it’s important to make sure your milk supply is actually low. Factors such as how your breasts feel, how long your baby sleeps, frequency of nursing, and the amount you pump are not accurate ways to determine if you have enough milk! If you do determine your milk supply is low,...

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