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Kristy & Eliza

We are the Mamas behind Oat Mama. We are also dear friends and moms of two rambunctious little boys each. We bonded a lot in the kitchen and on the couch over a mutual love and passion for baking and breastfeeding our kiddos. Oh, and did we mention we are granola bar-obsessed? One day when we were sharing our latest granola bar recipes, we had our  “lightbulb” moment! They have bars for just about every lifestyle out there: raw, vegan, gluten-free, paleo, but where was the lactation love? We wanted to make granola bars to provide just what nursing moms need - comforting, convenient nutrition. They would be delicious AND useful. It was no easy task in the kitchen, but with our toddlers around, not many of our test batches went to waste. Finally, we hit on the best bars we’ve ever tasted, and they helped us with our milk supply to boot. Granola bars made by breastfeeding moms for breastfeeding moms. Yes!

You got this!

Eliza and Kristy

The Oat Mamas

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