Will Oat Mama bars “fix” my struggle with low supply?

We at Oat Mama strongly believe there is NO substitute for best breastfeeding practices (feeding on demand, correct latching, skin-to-skin), good counsel from a professional lactation consultant, La Leche League leader, or meeting with a local breastfeeding support group to get you and your baby off to the strongest start possible.

How can Oat Mama bars help me as a breastfeeding mama?

Oat Mama bars are the perfect answer to a breastfeeding mom's busy lifestyle. Whether you are home with your kiddos or pumping at work, Oat Mama bars are specifically tailored to meet your needs. We pack a ton of brewer’s yeast in every bar, double the amount of lactation cookie recipes posted on the internet. The brewer’s yeast delivers a mom her essential B vitamins and trace minerals which specifically aid in fighting off postpartum depression, boosting immunity, and beautifying hair, nails and skin. The ground flax in Oat Mama bars provides essential omega 3 fatty acids which can be passed on through breast milk to your baby. Cashew butter and almonds supply our brains with good fats. Oat Mama bars deliver the extra breastfeeding calories we need healthfully, so if you NEED to skip a meal, as we sometimes find ourselves doing, Oat Mama bars can keep you energized. Oat Mama bars are especially useful for times when mamas can use an extra boost due to a return to work, growth spurt, stress, exhaustion, sickness and travel.   

How many bars should I eat before I might see an increase in milk supply?

Oat Mama suggests you enjoy one bar a day for best results. You may feel fuller by that evening, or it may take a few days before you notice a boost in supply. Some women may not experience an increase; each body is different and responds differently to foods. However, Oat Mama bars have helped many mamas with milk supply and deliver on taste and nutrition to everyone. 

How do I store my Oat Mama bars to maximize freshness?

Your Oat Mama bars can be kept in the pantry for 3 months, or to extend their freshness, you can store them in the fridge or freezer. Remember, because Oat Mama bars are made with only all-natural ingredients and are free of all preservatives, they are at their chewiest and most scrumptious at or above room temperature (~75 degrees).  

Can a man enjoy Oat Mama bars?

Absolutely! There is no mystery estrogen in Oat Mama bars, just whole, honest ingredients. With sustained energy from oats, omega 3s from flax, protein from almonds and cashew butter, these bars are the perfect addition to any man's gym bag, briefcase, or murse. Bring on the Oat Papas!

Can I share my Oat Mama bars with my toddler?

Yes! Your little snack monsters will thank you for it, and so will their growing bodies and brains. Better pack enough for everyone at the playdate. Our stash is always mysteriously "disappearing." 

*Our bars do include honey, which is not recommended for children under 1 year of age.  

How much of a milk boost can I expect after eating Oat Mama bars regularly?

There is no clear-cut answer to this. Every mama is coming from her own starting point and set of circumstances. We’d love to hear your personal experience with breastfeeding and how incorporating Oat Mama bars into your diet has helped you. Write us at contact@oatmama.com or leave a comment on our facebook page: www.facebook.com/oatmama. Don’t forget to continue to put baby to breast as often as possible, pump when necessary, stay hydrated and, most importantly, well-rested (yeah, right). I commend you for even reading this far. ;)

Are Oat Mama bars dairy-free?

*YES! All 4 Oat Mama flavors are now dairy-free

Yup! We know a lot of babes have sensitivities to that cow stuff- so all of our bars are completely dairy-free. We like to keep our Oat Babies as comfy and gastrointestinally cozy as possible.

*Some seasonal or short-run flavors may contain dairy


Are Oat Mama bars gluten free?

Yes. Our ingredients are naturally gluten-free, and we also use 100% certified gluten-free oats and gluten-free brewer's yeast in all of our products. .

Gluten: "Why are you avoiding me? What did I do wrong?" 

Person: "Nothing. It's not you, it’s me. Actually, it's you." 

Are Oat Mama bars soy-free?

Yes! All of our flavors, including chocolate flavors, are now soy-free.

Are Oat Mama bars vegan?

Oat Mama bars are not currently vegan because we use locally-sourced honey. They can easily be made vegan with maple or agave syrup, though, so just let us know what you’d like to see. We are grateful for your feedback as it makes us a stronger company and better equipped to support breastfeeding mamas in need of good snackin’.

*This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, Oat Mama bars are not intended, nor are they effective, as a replacement for professional lactation support. Oat Mama bars provide nutritious and valuable lactation support for nursing mothers and their little ones only when used in collaboration with best breastfeeding practices and/or while under the care of lactation professionals.

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