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Lactation Chai Latte

 Lactation Chai Latte  Recipe 2 tea bags of Oat Mama Chai Spice Lactation Tea 4 ounces of water 4 ounces of coconut milk 1 tablespoon of honey Directions  1. Bring water and coconut mil to a boil in a small sauce pot. 2. Remove from heat and add both tea bags. 3. Steep for 5 to 6 minutes. 4. Remove tea bags and stir in honey.  5. Enjoy!    *Tip: Re-steep tea bags for an additional cup of tea.       

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Mama Spotlight: Brandi Sellerz

      Our Mama Mama Spotlight series is starting off with this beautiful mama we had the pleasure of meeting at our first Eat to Feed cookbook launch party in LA. Brandi is a doula, influencer, author, and mama to 3 sweet boys. She originally posted this story on her blog, notsoprivateparts.life in 2016 and graciously let us share it with our Oat Mama family. Here's Brandi's journey with her second baby, Jedi ❤️. It Takes a Village...My Breastfeeding Journey  This is a tale of two breastfeeding journeys... The first being with my oldest. I was a new mom at 23 years old. I remember wondering how I would be as a mother. I felt awkward. None of my...

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