Cookbook Announcement: Eat to Feed

Cookbook Announcement: Eat to Feed

We've been waiting for this moment for over a year now, and we are so proud and excited to finally be able to share it with you!

Our cookbook Eat to Feed is live and ready for preorders!!!

You may have seen our lactation recipes on the blog, or our meal plans, or noticed the endless fun we had with seasonal OM bar flavors. Basically, if you know us, you know Eliza and I are big-time foodies. And since you're in the Oat Mama family, it's safe to say that you care about what you eat and also want food that tastes as good as it feels.

Our motivation for writing this cookbook was to be able to extend our knowledge of milk-boosting foods and herbs beyond bars and teas. When we were pregnant, we cooked yummy meals and snacks for pregnancy, and when our babies starting eating solids, we delighted in making our own baby food. There was a big gap in the cookbook world though: where were the recipes to nourish us while breastfeeding? 

So we took our 4 years of experience researching galactagogues and decades of experience in the kitchen (Eliza was a food blogger before Oat Mama), and created Eat to Feed. Available for purchase July 16th, you can preorder it today from our incredible retailers and score 25% off your next Oat Mama order PLUS a lactation granola bar recipe card with proof of purchase sent to 

Love Oat Mama? Then share us with your mom friends and moms-to-be! We're stronger together, and appreciate all of your love and support. 


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