Mother's Day Gift Guide for Postpartum Mamas

Mother's Day Gift Guide for Postpartum Mamas


Mother's Day Gift Guide Postpartum Mamas
1. The Noelle Jumper from Hatch - The perfect jumper for a mama. Not only is it stylish, but it’s also functional. The Noelle jumper is lightweight, has a v-neck that’s nursing-friendly, and a wrap-around sash that’s removable as you grow.
2. Nursing bra from Third Love  - It’s hard enough finding a comfortable bra, let alone finding a good nursing one. ThirdLove solves that with their 24/7 Nursing Bra Collection. The fabric is super-soft, there are easy-open cups, a double layer back that’s tag-free, and a front closure for easy dressing. Designed by a mother for mothers.

3. Eat to Feed: Nourishing Recipes for Breastfeeding Moms By Eliza Larson & Kristy Kohler - Surprise!  We created a cookbook for nursing mamas!  New Moms need all the help they can get and this cookbook helps moms with recipes to support breast milk supply and overall health.

4. A pretty mug from O-M Ceramic - Know a mom that loves unique gifts? This mug from O-M Ceramic is handmade, one-of-a-kind and beautiful to look at. Plus, you’re supporting a small business.
5. Postpartum Healing Tea by Oat Mama - Calling all moms who enjoy drinking tea. We have created the most delicious tea for your Fourth Trimester!  With herbs that are beneficial for physical recovery and relaxation, this tea is the perfect small gift for that mama in your life. 
6. SHHHOWERCAP – Showercap - A chic and stylish showercap that’s more than just a showercap for those in-between hair wash days. Shhhowercap reinvented the showercap with their premium nano-tech fabric that dries in seconds, stays fresh due to its antibaceterial properties, and defies humidity.  This is a cap that you can flaunt outside of the shower. It’s also made to last forever and is machine washable! Mamas don’t wash their hair often, and this cap makes that process a bit easier.
7. A comfy handwoven robe from Odd Bird - Mamas want to look and feel fabulous inside and outside the home. Odd Bird’s robes are constructed from three handwoven Turkish towels.  This is the only thing you’ll want to wear once you own it, we are speaking from experience here.
8. Handwoven Weighted Blanket by Sheltered Co.  - Every mama needs a hug, and the blankets from Sheltered Co. offer comfort and stress relief.  The perfect answer to postpartum feelings, this blanket is a welcome gift for any home
9. Sloan – Pajamas you can leave the house in - Mamas are busy, and sometimes they want to wake up, wash up, and get going. With Sloan’s line of simple and incredibly soft pieces, they can do just that. They say it best, “Not merely pajamas – just perfect clothing to live in.”
10. Kaitlyn Bristowe - Scrunchies - Back to the 80’s with some festive scrunchies. You know mamas need easy hair solutions that also prevent baby from grabbing while they nurse…





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