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Motherhood Spotlight: Alexus Scott's Breastfeeding Journey

If I could describe my breastfeeding journey in one word it would be “powerful”. I never knew how much the woman's body was capable of until I gave birth to my daughter Lavender who is now one year and we are still going strong! I've learned so much and educated myself so well being a first-time mom that blissfully my journey has come easy, but wait that doesn't mean I haven’t struggled. “Where there is no struggle, there is no progression”. I just looked at mine positively and embraced every struggle knowing it would be worth it in the end! First few days in the hospital went by so fast everything went by so fast…but that first latch was amazing...

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5 Ways to Keep Your Milk Supply Strong During the Holidays

5 Ways to Keep Your Milk Supply Strong During the Holidays The end of the year can be a stressful time for many of us.  Family visits, holiday shopping and travel are all factors that can lead to stress, which can ultimately affect your milk supply.  We know first-hand how priorities can get a little out of whack whilst trying to deck the halls and often we forget to take necessary steps that ensure healthy milk supply.  Keeping your supply strong can be very hard when you’re on the road or are trying to be present with family, so we rounded up five ways to help keep your milk flowing throughout the holidays.  Stay Hydrated - When we are busy,...

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Lactation Recipes: Korean Seaweed Soup

I love pulling from other cultures to see how women nurture each other with traditional foods after birth. Here is a recipe that is close to my heart because I gave birth to my first son in South Korea, and this warm nourishing bowl of goodness was served to me at the birthing center. As the story goes, the history behind eating this Seaweed Soup came from ancient Koreans observing whale mothers gorging themselves on seaweed after birth. It just so happens seaweed is teeming with restorative vitamins and minerals like calcium, iron, iodine, B vitamins, and omega 3's which a mother's body can be depleted of postpartum. This soup is also enjoyed each year on one's birthday to honor...

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