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Sunflower Lecithin

Sunflower Lecithin

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Only a breastfeeding mom knows the feeling. The feeling of a plugged duct. It can be one of the most painful parts of breastfeeding some moms experience. It's right up there with biting. If not resolved, it can turn into Mastitis. So if you're prone to plugged ducts, consider this your breast friend. Sunflower lecithin is a fat emulsifier that can help improve milk flow and reduce and prevent the "stickiness" of breast milk that can contribute to plugged ducts. 

Suggested use for plugged ducts: Take 3 to 4 1200mg soft gels daily to help break up a plugged duct, then once cleared, take 1 or 2 daily. 




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Stephanie Segota
These really did help

Before using this product I was getting blockages all the time. Always having to massage out clogs. Iv been using this for less than a month and my milk is really flowing! I no longer get painful clogs. I will continue to take this throughout my breastfeeding journey.

Katherine Maestas
Bad side effects

I have reached out twice now requesting a return and refund. My newborn had horrible diarrhea after I started taking these supplements and using the brewers yeast. Not one person has gotten back to me.

Michele Hass
Saved me from Chronic mastitis

I swear this product SAVED me!! I had mastitis 6 times in the first two months of my daughters life. Since starting this I haven’t had it yet! I just finished my first bottle and wanted to wait and review it after that! I will not stop taking this until I am finished breast feeding!

Allowed me to nurse on without clogs!

I'm postpartum with my 4th baby, and I was taking Spring Valley(Walmart) Sunflower Lechithin but KEPT having clogged ducts and mastitis in a one month period. I switched to Oat Mama's Sunflower Lechithin and I haven't had a SINGLE clogged duct since. I just finished my first bottle of this, so I felt like I could leave a full honest review for you.
If you struggle with clogged ducts, don't wait and order this. Love Oat Mama!

We're so happy you found relief, mama! Thanks for the review. xo