Galactagogues, Foods to Increase Milk-Supply for a Breastfeeding Diet

Do you know your Galactagogues? A List of Milk-Boosting Foods for a Postpartum/ Breastfeeding Diet

Galactogogues are whole foods or herbs that are used to stimulate milk production and support a healthy milk supply in lactating mothers. Through Oat Mama, we have been fortunate enough to see just how powerful galactogogues can be in boosting milk supply in breastfeeding moms, and we want to let you in on a little secret...oats and beer are not the only two things that help with lactation!  In fact, there are many common foods and herbs that increase milk supply and we bet you’ve got a few in your kitchen right now. This is great news for all of you new mamas who don’t have a moment to think about ordering a bar or buying special lactation foods.  Galactogogues are everywhere!  Here is a list of some common ones, oh, and did we miss any of your favorites?  Tell us your go-to galactagogues and lactation recipes in the comments below.

  1. Flax Seeds

  2. Carrots  

  3. Almonds

  4. Papaya

  5. Garlic

  6. Brown Rice

  7. Apricots

  8. Leafy Greens

  9. Sweet potatoes

  10. Sesame Seeds/ Tahini

  11. Barley

  12. Asparagus

  13. Fennel

  14. Cumin Seeds

  15. Chickpeas

  16. Ginger

  17. Seaweed

  18. Basil

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You sure missed out one very important one – Tigernuts, either eaten in that form or drinking d Milk. The latter works best for me though.


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