Nursing Mama Gift Guide


Although nursing mothers probably need pampering more than anyone in the house, they are notorious for putting themselves last, so we wanted to round up a list of gifts that include both necessities and luxuries for every kind of mother.  

Here are our favorites this season:

Nursing Friendly Jumper - Every nursing mother searches for those key pieces that will afford them comfort and cuteness while they are nursing and this jumper by Nico Nico is exactly that.  

Lactation snacks - Nursing mothers have to pack so many items with them on their daily adventures, gifting nursing snacks that also boost milk is a no-brainer.    

Pertinent mothering information - You know how everyone offers up advice when you have a new baby?  Well save yourself the conversation and gift this amazing book on Motherhood.  It’s also really great to have something to read while you’re nursing your baby.  

Nursing Cover - Because the holidays can be awkward and not all families are cool with nursing.  

A cute nursing bra - If anyone needs a cute undergarment, it a new mother.  Trust us, any nursing mother would be so grateful to receive this bra by Bravado.  

Comfy House Shoes - Because during the holidays, there’s no place like home.

Every woman loves candles, we repeat every woman loves candles.  

Also a nice homey gift for a nursing mother that might find herself nesting this holiday season is this super cozy robe.  

We all know how soothing a good nursing balm can be for new nursing mothers.  We love this one.  

Something to pull her hair up - because babies love pulling mamas hair while their nurse.  

A baby wrap - because nursing mothers can always use a free hand.  We can’t get enough of this Solly Baby wrap, it’s the perfect color for cooler months.

Finally, how about a stylish leather band from Oat Mama that can be used to turn any shirt into a nursing-friendly top, and also serve as a hair band or wrist band? Yes, please! 

Is there anything we missed?  Tell us what you would love to receive in the comments below:

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