Nursing Bras that make you Feel Sexy

While nursing a child brings forth many feelings of elation, empowerment and confidence, this selfless action seldom makes a mother feel sexy.  Often while you’re nursing your child, clothes don’t fit, shirts get soiled, breasts are often swollen and tender to touch, and feeling sexually confident is rare.  While there’s nothing better than nursing your baby, eventually it does feel nice to get your groove back, so we wanted to feature a few nursing items that are helping breastfeeding moms feel sexy in their skin.  We have rounded up our favorite nursing bras this Valentine’s Day and we hope you’re inspired to reconnect with this very important part of self.    


The color of this nursing bra by Cake Maternity is stunning and we love the beautiful lace detail.  This looks like a perfect addition to our nursing arsenal.  


Soft bralettes are every nursing mother’s best friend and this pump-friendly bra takes convenience and comfort to the next level.  We also can’t get enough of the perfect pink color which is ideal for Valentine’s day.


Speaking of the perfect pink, we love this bra by Heidi Klum Maternity.  The simple design and the soft fabric offers comfort and style while the flattering lines create a silhouette that would be beautiful on any body.

Finding a cute nursing bra is amazing, finding a matching set of cute panties is even better.  We adore this set by Hot Milk and have got it on our gift list this season.


A wireless bra that has all of the form and style of a pushup?  Yes, please we are in!  This bra by Panache Sophie is cute, cozy and offers the perfect balance of good girl with sexy.  


The simple design and thin straps of this bra are perfect and the snaps are so subtle, you can hardly tell that it’s a nursing bra.  We have written before about the importance of a bra with this straps, if you’re still in the market, this might be the perfect bra for your nursing journey.  

Did we forget to add your favorite?  Tell us what nursing bra makes you feel sexy in the comments below.



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