Important Note: All of our testimonials are unsponsored and our customers received no compensation for writing them. These all come straight from the heart, so you know they're real.  


Amanda Glenn, Creator of the blog, Exclusive Pumping - "Having spent over 3 years of my life breastfeeding, I realized a long time ago that oatmeal is really helpful for me when I need to bring my milk supply up, like when my baby has a growth spurt and is eating a little more. Unfortunately for me, I don't like oatmeal at all! As a result, I was so excited to find Oat Mama bars. With three kids, I really appreciate how much easier it is to eat a bar on the go rather than spend the time to cook and eat a bowl of oatmeal and then clean up afterwards. Also, the bars are so much better tasting than regular oatmeal, and just as effective, especially with all of the extra milk-making ingredients. Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip is my favorite!" 

Rachel D - "I can't say enough about these tasty little life savers! I had never had a issue with my milk supply until about 6 months when I started working full time again and life was a little stressful and crazy! These helped my supply so much so that I have one everyday! I notice such a difference, I'm able to pump almost 5 ounces more per day. They also taste amazing and sometimes after little sleep....the thought of eating one with my coffee gets me out of bed!! Thank you so much for creating such a tasty, all natural treat that really helps. I have been shouting your praises to all my breastfeeding momma friends!!"

Iliyana K - "Just wanted to say big thank you! I wish I had found your bars when I first went back to work 7 months ago! I exclusively breastfed my son for the first six months. In order to get him the necessary amount of milk, I had to pump every night before I go to bed and pump four times on the weekends. Combine that with trying to build a stash as I was out of town for work for two weeks! It was exhausting!!! I have been eating the Oat Mama bars for about a week and I can definitely tell the difference. I am able to pump 1.5-2. oz more at work, which means I don't have to supplement with formula. Yay! And I forgot to mention the bars are DELICIOUS!"

Heather G - "As I write this testimonial, I am working on my computer and eating my daily Oat Mama bar!  My favorite right now is the pumpkin pecan- yummy!  I also love the peanut butter chip. I can honestly say that I notice a decline in my milk supply when I haven’t had my Oat Mama bar.  I am fully committed to your company because I love the taste, quality and how it helps keep my milk supply up for my little one.  I am now on 7 months of nursing and my goal is to get to a year, Oat Mama will be my mainstay.  Thanks ladies for creating a great tasting and valuable product for nursing moms!"

Veronica M - "I want to start by saying my EBF four month old struggled with weight gain from the beginning.  I stopped nursing my older son by this time also because of supply issues and supplementing.  This time around  I was drinking milk tea, taking supplements, making smoothies, lactation cookies desperate for supply help.  Fenugreek was giving my baby gas.  The best thing I did was find Oat Mama bars.  I retired all other supply help and now I have a convenient and delicious way to boost my supply.  My 4 month old is now back to his original rate on growth charts and we have plenty of milk!  With a 4 year old as well, Oat Mama is so easy just throw one in my diaper bag and go!  I only eat one a day and they are so tasty my preschooler even loves them as a treat every once in a while.  I love the variety pack so I am rotate flavors!  They come packaged and stay fresh forever!  Thanks Oat Mama!  Game changer!"  

Mirelle S - "First off, these bars are the most delicious, healthy, milk-producing treat that will ever cross your lips. Every flavor is perfection, so you can't go wrong! And how about that Oat Mama customer service? It's as good as the product they make! I have this not-so fun issue with my left breast making about half the amount of milk that my right breast does. I notice a significant improvement within just a couple of days with Oat Mama bars. I'm so lucky to have found them and will be a customer for life! (Also, my little Aspen loves them too!)"

Caitlin H - "I am exclusively breastfeeding twins, and I am always on the lookout for ways to boost my milk supply.  When a postpartum hemorrhage nearly destroyed my milk production, I knew it was time to get serious! I researched teas, supplements, started pumping around the clock, and started trying milk-boosting bars, cookies...you name it!  Oat Mama is hands down my favorite! I have found that Oat Mama not only tastes delicious, its a quick snack to grab (I have three other boys...FIVE BOYS TOTAL!)  and helps with those times when Mama is feeling hangry (HELLOOOOOO breastfeeding for two!).  But really, best of all- it really does increase my milk!  Win win win!  I can't recommend them enough.  And my twin boys are now 5 months and 20 pounds each- so that's a testimonial in itself! :)Thank you Oat Mama!  I'm spreading the word!"
Jennifer L - "I ordered the variety pack and waited anxiously for them to arrive. In the meantime, I bought some lactation cookies from Babies R US, hoping they would increase my supply as well. With the fenugreek and lactation cookies, on board for a week, I did notice some difference in my milk supply, but I was still having to supplement with formula...until I got my Oat Mama granola bars! And how delicious they are! My favorite is the coconut one. The second day of having Oat Mama granola bars, I did not have to supplement with any formula! Now 4 days out I am pumping an excess of breastmilk I am able to store. With my fenugreek capsules, pumping schedule, and Oat Mama granola bars I am now able to exclusively give my newborn breastmilk! Thank you so much for a wonderful product!"
Rita T - "First off, Oat Mama has fantastic customer service. When I reached out to them, they responded to my needs immediately and with care. I love their bars and eat them as a treat once a day. My favorite is the Creamy Peanut Butter Chip - it's decadent and satisfying at the same time. My daughter is 1 month old and I have noticed my milk supply gradually increasing these past few weeks. I will no doubt continue eating Oat Mama bars as I try to reach my pumping goal of one year. Thanks Oat Mama!"


Sarah M - "As a first time mom I struggle with time to cook or make things to eat for myself. I've been lucky and haven't had much problems with breast feeding or my supply however I can instantly tell a difference every time I eat a bar. It not only boosts my supply but they taste AMAZING! I'm seriously addicted and have a bar a day and it gives me the perfect pick me up that I'm needing in a pinch. Anytime I eat one around my husband he always comments on how good they smell but refuses to ever try even a bite because he is scared they are magical and will make him lactate even though he knows better eating my creamy peanut butter one today and couldn't be happier. I will truthfully be devastated when I no longer will need to breastfeed because I know I will miss the perfect yummy taste of all the flavors." 

Marci S - "These bars are amazing! I initially purchased these in anticipation of my milk supply dipping with the birth of my second baby. I knew I'd be overwhelmed and tired and these have given me more than enough supply and energy to boot. I nursed my first son for 2 years and I know Oat Mama bars will help me do the same with my second little guy! I take them on the go and they are lifesavers on those days when there's no time for mom to eat. Plus, they are addictive! So yummy!!"

Michelle C - "Thank you soooo much for your products!  I was able to nurse and pump exclusively for my lil guy for a full year.    We have weaned so I'm finished nursing and pumping but I will Recommend oat mama to all nursing mommies that I know! Thanks again!!!"


Erica K - "When my son lost weight at 6 months, his pediatrician immediately suspected a supply decrease was the culprit. Although it was initially painful (so, so painful), breastfeeding him is one of my favorite activities. His little face looking up at me, hand on my chest. Melts my heart every time. I didn't want to give it up, but I also knew he needed more milk than I was producing. I immediately turned to Oat Mama and now have one a day (my favorite flavor is peanut butter chocolate chip)! They are perfect for an on the go or after dinner snack. Thank you Oat Mama for making a delicious and important bar for all mamas!"


Janaya H - "I just wanted to say how great your service and product is. I received my order so quickly! This is my second time ordering from you and the first time I just got the peanut butter flavor, but this time I tried the variety pack and I'm in love with the nut and berry flavor! On top of the bars tasting delish.. they work!!"

Erin E - "I am a repeat Oat Mama customer and dread the day I am no longer nursing because I don't want to stop these yummy treats. These bars not only help me pump a few extra ounces a day but they keep me feeling full and energized all morning. I also eat half a bar to help with my afternoon pump and to keep my energy going for my 24 students. The bars are a quick go to snack I can throw in my teacher bag. The customer service is beyond amazing and the Oat Mamas are super sweet and respond quick to questions. I am so glad I stumbled upon them on instagram. I am a forever customer!!"

Alyssa F - "I love Oat Mama!  I have been eating one a day from the beginning and not only do they help with my supply, but they are delicious!  I have run out a couple of times and I can tell the difference after a couple of days.  Supply picks back up after a couple days and breakfast is taken care of.  Two birds with one stone for this working mama.  Thanks Oat Mama!"

Kara V - "I am absolutely in love with oat mama bars! I have been eating one for breakfast every day since my LO was 2 weeks old and my milk supply has definitely benefited. I am able to pump a little extra every day to save for when I go back to work which makes me feel so much better about when that day will come. I actually look forward to breakfast every morning because I know I have these little babies waiting in the kitchen ;) I will probably keep buying them for snacks even when the breastfeeding stage has long gone because they are just THAT good!!"

Jennifer H - "I am a 45 year old (non-lactating) mother of teenagers. I’ve been making my own breakfast/granola/oat bars for years, but haven’t been able to perfect the recipe. My friend Taylor (a nursing mom of a 7 mo old) gave me an Oat Mama bar to try and I loved it. I did some research on brewer’s yeast (I had never used it in my attempts) and read that it is good for preventing diabetes, may lower cholesterol and has b vitamins -  that makes it good for everyone, not just nursing moms. Your delicious bars a little out of my price range, but they have become my go to quick breakfast before school, so I figure I can cut back on coffee shop breakfasts to make up for it."

Allyson M - "Oat Mama bars have been a life saver for me over the past two months. As a first time mom with a newborn baby, I struggled to find the time or energy to eat in the mornings! Oat Mama bars have become my go to breakfast, allowing me to keep up my supply and eat something nutritious. I look forward to them every single day. I also love to keep them in my diaper bag in case I need a snack while I'm out. I can not even describe to you how delicious these are. Thank you for creating such a quality product, I'm completely hooked!!!"

Brittany M - "Oat mama bars have helped me exceed my goals for nursing baby #2. Keeping up with a toddler's preschool schedule, working part time as a nurse and making time to exercise - oat mama bars have become a staple lunch in carpool line or my favorite is enjoying the chocolate almond coconut bar as breakfast with a cup of coffee. Yum! I've shared with all my nursing mommas to help keep supply up and enjoy a wonderful treat! Thank you oatmama!"

Erin M - "As a working (outside the home) Mama that pumps 6 times a day to continue providing breastmilk for my little (4 months old), I was over the moon when I found Oat Mama Lactation Bars!  My days, nights, and weeks truly are consumed with my supply, which can be exhausting.  I feel like everything I eat or drink has a purpose of boosting my supply.  Most galactagogues are boring to me now.  I was so excited to finally have something I could turn to that was DELICIOUS!  I keep a stash at home, in my pump bag, in my diaper bag, in my purse, and in my office.  The bars really do help me maintain my supply.  The company has a wonderful purpose, and a truly customer-centric philosophy.  They are wonderful to work with, and so quick to respond.  I love supporting this organization and will continue to do so!  My toddler even enjoys sharing a bar with me from time to time J  That’s a small victory!  I only wish I had known about them during my first nursing journey."

Emily R - "I came across Oat Mama bars while searching online for ways to sustain, and hopefully improve, my milk supply.  My daughter was 4.5 months at the time, and I'd recently gone back to work.  I started with the variety pack and was thrilled with both the taste and the effectiveness of Oat Mama bars; I saw a noticeable increase in the ounces of milk I pumped throughout the work day.  My daughter is now almost 7 months old, and I order the bars regularly and have one for breakfast almost every day.  I continue to order the variety pack because I still can't decide on my favorite flavor!  They are a delicious and convenient way to support my baby girl's nutrition, not to mention the awesome customer service and super fast shipping!  Love them!!"  

Aimee F - "I love love love your chocolate coconut bars! They are the best Lactation bars! Nothing else comes close! I also enjoy the boost in supply when I eat 1-2 per day. It works! I'm a believer! They are fresh and taste so good with my morning coffee.  Thank you for an amazing bar! :)"

Rachael G - "After returning to work, I started to notice a decline in my milk supply. With my first daughter I had to start supplementing after going back to work, and I wanted to try my best to avoid this with my second daughter. I had read about oatmama bars and decided to give them a try, and I'm so glad I did. They helped increase my milk supply almost immediately! Not only can I feed my daughter's increasing appetite, but I have managed to fill my freezer with extra breastmilk. I can't forget to mention how amazing these bars taste! If you are thinking about trying oatmama bars, just do it already! Your baby and your taste buds will thank you!"

Nicole C - "With my first born, I did not have a plan in place for nursing. Hope was not a good strategy and by three and a half months my supply began to dip sharply and it was all downhill from there. I managed to make it to seven and a half months nursing my son but it was really tough at times. I promised myself I would do things a little differently the next time. Today I am still going strong at 4 months with my daughter. A key part of that is due to my breastfeeding diet which includes Oat Mama bars. I started eating these soon after my daughter was born. I quickly developed a huge oversupply (my two freezers are fully stocked!) and I had to limit my Oat Mama obsession to half a bar a day. These bars are so good. It's like desert. My personal favorite is Chocolate Almond Coconut- it is sinfully good. So good, I have to hide them from my two year old. He loves "mama's chocolate" just as much as I do and it makes me happy that we can share a nutritious snack together. The most important benefit of the bars now is that they are dairy free. At around 2 months my daughter developed a sensitivity to dairy which has been a huge adjustment for me in my commitment to nursing. I am so thankful that Oat Mama bars are delicious and dairy free. It's one of the things that keeps me going! On top of that I appreciate how responsive and supportive Kristy and Eliza are. They answer all my questions and have been known to include a handwritten note with orders which is really sweet and shows how much they care about their customers. Thanks Oat Mama!!!"

Ashley R - "As I was expecting my first born, I was worried about my milk supply and making sure it was enough because I have hypothyroidism (of course I worried about everything since it was my first time).  I had discovered Oat Mama through Instagram and decided to order a few just to try them out and bring to the hospital with me to help bring in my milk.  Well, I was quickly hooked!  Not only did they help my supply but they are delicious - my husband even loves them and clearly he does not need them to help his milk supply ;)  Now I have them around as a snack when its a busy day and I need to grab something quick or if I am out of the house and away from my little one for part of the day and need a boost.  All of the flavors are delicious but I especially love the chocolate almond coconut.  I also love feeling great about the fact that they are gluten and dairy free and not filled with all kinds of processed ingredients.  Plus, what new mama doesn't love a delicious bar that they don't have to take the time to cook and arrives at their doorstep?  So thankful to have found this wonderful company!"    

Erin C - "I absolutely love the Oat Mama bars! They're so tasty and I love they have all the ingredients to help boost or maintain my milk supply! I also love that the bars are a quick go to snack and easy to eat while breastfeeding, cleaning up spit up, changing diapers or chasing a baby around! Thanks for making such tasty treats!"

Kate E - "I had only a few weeks left on my maternity leave and was worried about getting enough milk supply for my baby girl when I get back to work. I have tried lactation smoothie/cookies, but it just takes so much time to make and away from my little baby. Then I stumbled across Oatmama on instagram and took a chance to order them. I fell in love with the taste and texture when I received them - they all taste amazing, but I especially love the chocolate almond flavor. I see about 3-4oz boost/day from the first day eating Oatmama. Now I always have a stash at my desk and a few in my purse, so they are easily accessible when I feel hungry or energy is low. I also love the fact that I am supporting a small business.. knowing that Oatmama bars are handmade with utmost care is very important to me."

Brandi W - "To be honest I was a bit skeptical when I first came across Oat Mama lactation bars. My little one had just transitioned to solids and my milk supply was noticeably declining. I was willing to try ANYTHING for my baby and I remembered coming across an Oat Mama testimonial on Instagram. I reluctantly ordered my first box. It arrived very quickly and the VERY TASTY bars were not the only thing I enjoyed. There was a sweet note in the box from Kristy and Eliza and a very encouraging "You got this!" on each bar. On top of being extremely encouraged there was a noticeable increase in my supply, making these my go to snack/breakfast. It is nice to have a snack dedicated to nursing moms! So, thank you Oat Mama!"

Nicole L -"I just got my order last week and I have really seen a difference in my milk supply. Thank you for making such a great product. I will tell all my friends about them. You have a loyal costumer in me. I also love that you guys are from Arizona like me. Go wildcats!"

Aileen R - "I am a first-time mother and have been exclusively breastfeeding my four-month old baby. After a dip in my milk supply, I researched extensively for options that would help me bring my supply back up. I came across Oat Mama's lactation bars and decided to give it a shot. One bar in and I was hooked. It was healthy, effective and delicious and the packaging made it great for eating on the go. Who knew that something so tasty could also be so beneficial and convenient? Thank you Oat Mama for creating such a fantastic product!"

Meagan M - "I went back to work when my son was 3 months old and I saw my supply dip almost immediately. I looked into making my own lactation cookies/bars, but honestly would have preferred to spend the time after work with my baby instead of cooking. I found out about oatmama bars on Instagram and thought they looked delish! I gave them a try and saw results immediately! My supply increased by at least 2 oz at every pump, and now I won't go a day without a bar! I would love to see some new flavors- maybe something seasonal? And I'm dying for you to start selling in stores! Thanks for making such a great product!"

Elisabeth C - "I recently heard about Oat Mama through a sweet blogger that I follow and tried them on a whim. I am so glad I did! As a busy mom of two, they are the perfect snack or lunch on the go. They definitely give my supply a boost on the days I need it. Not only have they been great for my supply, they are absolutely delicious!! My hubby and toddler think so too! They've become a staple in my diaper bag! Thanks for a delicious snack to the ladies at oat mama from a happy nursing mama!"

Anna K - "Just wanted to send along a note to let you know how much I've enjoyed these bars. Not only for their taste, which is delicious but for the fact they actually work. I already have a pretty good supply but was worried about some stressful things (international move) impacting my output. Ordered your bars and wow! Good lord, I can only eat a quarter of one a day or else I could feed every baby in the world. Really great job and really great recipe. I am moving to Tokyo next week and will miss having access to your bars. Thanks a lot!"

Ashley A - "As a working mom, I always love products that accomplish two things at once. I love Oat Mama bars because they are a delicious afternoon snack at the office and help me keep up my milk supply at the same time. Despite supply issues and the difficulties of trying to breastfeed while working, I'm seven months in and going strong!"

Zhi L - "I love your bars, taste amazing, I'm exclusively nursing, so I didn’t get a chance to know the effect on pumping. I always take a bar as my go-to breakfast if I am not having oatmeal on that day, even hubby shares with me, best he ever had."

McKensey K - "Oh my gosh I could hug you girls. When my little guy was born May 9 I had a serious oversupply. I have over 1000 oz in the freezer. Well a week or so ago my supply dropped and dropped horrible. I went from making 50 to 60 oz a day to literally barely making enough to feed him. Out of desperation I ordered your bars. I received them this morning and downed 3. 5 hours later I just pumped over 10 ounces!!! I could freaken cry. I am definitely going to be ordering another shipment. Again thank you sooo much from the bottom of my heart."

Karly G - "I can't say enough about my love for Oat Mama bars! Not only did they help me go from pumping five ounces at a time to ELEVEN (and save me from baking lactation cookies... Seriously, who has time for that?), but they TASTE. SO. GOOD. I could eat the chocolate-almond-coconut all day long. I have them for breakfast and whenever I want some guilt-free chocolate (it's for the baby!). And I'm constantly catching my husband stealing them from my stash!"

Yadi D -  "I love love love all the bars. My favorite one is the Chocolate Almond Coconut! You ladies have done a great job, they are all delicious. And I don't feel guilty, I am snacking on something healthy that's good for me and my Lil one! Thank you so much."

Courtney L - "We have been nursing on demand since my daughter was born almost 6 months ago. Words cannot express how much I love nursing her, and so I was a little disheartened when, at her 2 month appointment, her pediatrician expressed concern over her weight gain. While she was still gaining weight, she had fallen a bit in the percentile charts. Our pediatrician didn't immediately jump to formula, but suggested we try adding in some extra nursing sessions where we could. I asked if there was anything I could do to increase the "fattiness" or the caloric value of my milk. She acknowledged that, while there were no peer-reviewed studies suggesting one could do this, there were certainly anecdotal references. Naturally, I turned to the internet and found every anecdotal thing I could - everything from nuts and nut butters to avocados and eggs. I started adding everything I could to my diet, and, around the same time discovered Oat Mama bars. They were chock full of things I was looking to add to my diet anyway - the nuts and seeds and the omega-3s, in particular. Plus, they were delicious! I am happy to report that our little one has gone from gaining an average of 4oz per week to 6-8oz per week! While I still occasionally do some of the other stuff, Oat Mama bars have remained a consistent part of my breastfeeding diet, and I fully credit them with increasing the "quality" of my milk. I love that they are full of good-for-me and good-for-baby stuff, and are so convenient! I also love that I can tell that Kristy & Eliza take a lot of pride in what they provide for other mamas - they are so friendly, and always willing to answer questions and interact with their customers!"

Shannon A - "I have a bit of an obsession with Oat Mama Bars! They are so delicious I can see myself continuing to eat them even when I'm done nursing. My milk supply is abundant and nutritious which can be seen first hand by my big, healthy four month old who's exclusively breastfed and currently in the 90th percentile for weight! Thank you for making a wonderfully yummy snack that I'm glad to tell my momma friends about."

Patricia K - "I love Oat Mama bars. They are perfect for a mom on the go. With a 7year old and a newborn they are a great bar to throw in the diaper bag and eat while out and about. They are so filling I sometimes eat them as a breakfast or lunch while I am busy with the kiddos. Not to mention my 7yr old loves them too! Since eating Oat Mama bars daily I am able to pump every morning AFTER nursing and get almost 6 oz everyday to store for work days or outings with friends, and have even been able to donate some breast milk as well. They are delicious and make a great snack for anyone but especially busy, nursing mommas."

Brittany F - "I had the chocolate almond coconut last night when my package arrived. OH. MY. GOODNESS. GRACIOUS. It was like a dessert. A super delicious and even 110% nutritious dessert of a milk supply booster. The almonds were so crunchy, the chocolate was so creamy, the coconut was so sweet. I couldn't believe what I've been missing. This morning, I tried the nut + berry... Again, SO amazing!!!!! I pump every three hours around the clock with a four hour stretch at night... At my 12 noon pump I had an extra 2 ounces than I normally do. So it's safe to say that oat mama lactation granola bars are doing its job!!!!! Why didn't I find this company sooner? I'm SO lucky to have won their giveaway because I will definitely be a customer for the rest of my breast pumping journey:) thank you so much again Kristy and Eliza"

Marisa G - "Love my Oat Mama Bars! I like all three flavors but especially love Chocolate Almond Coconut. My husband votes for that one as his favorite, too - he tried it and I had to wrestle it back from him! We just came back from a road trip to California and it was so great to have the bars to take along with me. It feels great to eat something that I know is good for my milk supply and is also delicious. I will absolutely be ordering more."

Randi A - "I am a natural worrier. Oat Mama bars have given me peace of mind in my milk supply. One less thing I have to worry about. Not only that but they are so yummy. Berry + Nut is my favorite, just delicious!"

Megan W - "I simply love Oat Mama bars! They are my go-to snack when I'm at work. Being a nurse in high-risk OB can make for a busy shift, and I don't always get the time to enjoy a full and healthy meal. Having an Oat Mama bar in my pump bag allows me to get the nutrients I need to maintain my energy and my milk supply in a quick, easy, and yummy snack! Thank you for what you do."

Julie W - "Oat Mama bars are delicious and a convenient way to get those ingredients that help milk production! As a working mom with a newborn and a toddler, life is pretty busy. My oat mama bar is breakfast during my first pumping session of the day. It gives me a reason to look forward to it! Thanks!"

Marlyn P - "I really love your bars, and have never produced more milk than I have in the last few days! And it's all thanks to Oat Mama! I am planning on ordering some more bars very soon!"

Katie M - "I was looking for a way to ensure my milk production survives when I go back to work and have to pump most of the day. Oat Mama bars not only taste good, but they are a nutritious snack and help with milk production. A win-win situation in my book. Thanks for your excellent product!"

Julia S - "I am loving these bars! I discovered my milk dwindling after becoming pregnant with my second when my first is only 6 months old. These bars have enabled me to continue breastfeeding when I thought I was going to have to switch to formula. Thank you!"

Crystal C - "As a working mom, I've always worried about my supply, and my 8-month-old loves his milkies! I've been back at work since he was just 10 weeks old and that's meant a LOT of pumping. Some shifts were better than others, but one thing I noticed the most was how my supply dropped when I think back to the day before and realized all I had eaten was a poptart and loads of water. I needed a healthy, nutrient-packedready-to-eat snack to help keep up my supply and if I didn't have time to eat more than a poptart some days, I definitely didn't have time to bake lactation cookies on a regular basis! Since I've started packing them in my pump bag at work and snacking on them at home when I get home, I have noticed my supply stabilizing and my pumping has become more reliable. It's one less thing to stress about in my hectic day. I can know that as long as I get my water in and have these delicious snack bars, my little guys will get all the milk he needs even while I'm at work. My job as an RN on a night shift can be stressful, but these yummy bars are a nice relaxing moment in my day (especially the chocolate ones!) that is also helping me reach my goal of at least one year of breastfeeding. The chocolate almond bars taste sinful while still helping me meet some nutritional goals for the day on those days my accomplishment at the end of the day is that baby and I both survived. They're delicious bars and I wouldn't trade the confidence they give me to feed my little guy for anything!

Jennifer D - "I got my first shipment today and they are amazing!"

Sarah H - "Oh my gosh, I finally got to try the bar today! It was so good. I was in a major slump this afternoom after very little sleep last night, and was craving something sweet. I got ready to eat a handful of M&Ms, and saw your bar just calling out my name. I had not seen a picture of it before opening the package, so was surprised by the way it looked. It looked very appetizing right off the bat. I expected a crumbly granola bar, but instead I got fruit and nut goodness in a bar that didn't fall apart all over me! It was the perfect mix of sweet and salty, and I couldn't taste the brewer's yeast at all! It curbed my sweet craving and was the perfect size to help me feel full until mealtime. Seriously, I was not expecting to like it so much. I have tried lactation cookies and they always seem to be too dry and messy, but your bar was fantastic."

Vanessa H - "I am so grateful my friend introduced Oat Mama bars to me. Not only are they absolutely DELICIOUS but, they're easy to take on the go and made of real ingredients. I eat one bar every day and have noticed an increase in my milk supply. I am addicted and will be recommending these bars to all my breast-feeding mamas."

Jenny K - "OMG!! I tried my first bar while in the hospital after my 4th baby was born. I have since ordered my own and was lucky enough to just try the not yet released "Lemon Chia" bar and it was so f'ing good!!! Yep! Ahhhhmazing ladies! And super fast turn around too! And local?? SCORE!!!!"

Elise S - "I love the bars! I had to hide them from my 2 year old because he loves them too!  I bought them for my return back to work, I love them! I throw one in my pumping bag and snack on it while I'm pumping.  I eat about one a day and I think they helped increase my output about an extra 4 oz a day. Pumping is very mental for me so I mostly ordered these bars to remind me to take care of myself, drink extra water and just to give me a positive boost while I'm pumping! Love them! I work part time so I'm guessing I'll order one box a month."

Stephanie S - "Super yummy bars!! Love the chocolate coconut bars!!"

Ardea M - "Hello! I met you at the book fair yesterday and raided your free samples. I went home that afternoon and pumped 8ozs! (double my normal). I have no idea if it was the yummy treats but I'm sold:)."

Jackie H - "After a few days of eating a bar a day, I noticed my milk supply increased! I am super stoked to have a bar that helps with milk supply & to have such a delicious treat too!"

Kelley C - "I LOVE my Oat Mama bars! Not only are they delicious, but they are a great snack on the go. They keep me feeling energized in between meals, which is no small feat with four kids. I wish they had been around when I was nursing my other kiddos!"

Liza - "The bars were FANTASTIC! My friend loves them too. I quote 'best bar I've ever had.' She had a really tough delivery so I think these will be a great start for her. Congrats on your new business! I am sure she will be ordering soon."

Rebecca C - "I just tried the chocolate almond coconut bars and all I can say is they are absolutely delicious."

Fayith D - "I just got the bars and LOVE them...I've already told my friends about them and my husband already stole half of one. I would say my favorite are the chocolate coconut. I'm actually getting ready to order some.....thanks so much for opening this up to me- they work great!"

Tara H - "I love Oat Mama bars! Though I've never had supply issues, I could tell a real difference in my milk. I'm a runner and mom of two boys, currently still nursing our 19 month old, and these are great to grab and go. I love that these are made from real ingredients and the taste and texture make it something I could eat every day!"


 *This product has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Furthermore, Oat Mama bars are not intended, nor are they effective, as a replacement for professional lactation support. Oat Mama bars provide nutritious and valuable lactation support for nursing mothers and their little ones only when used in collaboration with best breastfeeding practices and/or while under the care of lactation professionals.

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