Postpartum Depression Care the Focus of New NPR Report


Postpartum Depression: How Are We Doing?

I just came across an insightful story by NPR's Rhitu Chatterjee, who reveals the state of the fight in America against a mental illness found in 1 in 7 pregnant or postpartum women, depression. The story takes you through one women's journey through postpartum depression, taking a deep dive into the diagnosis and treatment of postpartum depression, nationally. 

Key Takeaways:

Speak Up - Honesty with your partner, and trusting your gut feeling are two key reasons why this story had a happy ending. 

Ask Questions - It never hurts to ask questions. With so much at stake, you owe it to yourself and your family to get the most out of what medical coverage you're fortunate enough to have access too. This is best done by asking as many questions as possible, with open-ended answers. Doctors are only human, after all.

Research - While the story points to an increasing spotlight on postpartum depressions awareness and legislation, it's best to do your own research as it relates to local programs.


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