10 Reasons to Rotate Your Children's Toys

10 Reasons to Rotate Your Children's Toys

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It's not uncommon for a child's toy collection to get out of hand, even before they complete their first year of life. Holidays, discount sales, and hand-me-downs are all to blame for this never-ending influx of STUFF.
And if you think clutter is bad for adults, imagine how it feels to a young child. Too many toys can be overwhelming, decrease attention span and cause behavior issues in children as young as 3 months old! 
There is, however, a light at the end of the tunnel and it comes in the form of creating a toy rotation. A toy rotation is as easy as it sounds...you select a small number of toys to have out and you put the rest away. 

Why does this work? Playful Learning outlined 8 simple reasons to rotate your children's toys. 
1. Inventiveness and fantasy blooms

2. Clean up time becomes a breeze

3. Less toys out equals more and deeper engagement

4. Siblings fight less

5. Everyday objects are reinvented and turned into toys

6. Overstimulation is easier to avoid

7. Children learn to play on their own

8. Toys are used in new ways

9. Teaches independence

10. You are better prepared for birthdays and holidays

How you decide to rotate through your child's toys is up to you. But there are a handful key things to consider:
- Out of sight, out of mind. Make sure the toys that you aren't using are put away where they can't be seen or sought after. 

- Store like things together for easy access.

- If your child is invested in a specific toy and they continue to use it in new, productive ways, don't rotate it out.

- Try to keep a variety of types of toys out at a given time. For example, instead of 3 sets of blocks, 5 stuffed animals, and 7 race cars, you would have 1-2 of each with the addition of play people, movement scarves and puzzles. 

- Rotate toys at least every week. Some people might even have the time to rotate daily! Do what is best for your family.  
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