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5 Ways to Keep Your Milk Supply Strong During the Holidays

5 Ways to Keep Your Milk Supply Strong During the Holidays The end of the year can be a stressful time for many of us.  Family visits, holiday shopping and travel are all factors that can lead to stress, which can ultimately affect your milk supply.  We know first-hand how priorities can get a little out of whack whilst trying to deck the halls and often we forget to take necessary steps that ensure healthy milk supply.  Keeping your supply strong can be very hard when you’re on the road or are trying to be present with family, so we rounded up five ways to help keep your milk flowing throughout the holidays.  Stay Hydrated - When we are busy,...

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Nursing Mama Gift Guide

  Although nursing mothers probably need pampering more than anyone in the house, they are notorious for putting themselves last, so we wanted to round up a list of gifts that include both necessities and luxuries for every kind of mother.   Here are our favorites this season: Nursing Friendly Jumper - Every nursing mother searches for those key pieces that will afford them comfort and cuteness while they are nursing and this jumper by Nico Nico is exactly that.   Lactation snacks - Nursing mothers have to pack so many items with them on their daily adventures, gifting nursing snacks that also boost milk is a no-brainer.     Pertinent mothering information - You know how everyone offers up advice...

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Lactation Recipes: Roasted Pumpkin Seed Butter with Fenugreek

Fall has arrived and it is time for all things pumpkin! Perfect for us breastfeeding mamas because not only is pumpkin seed butter the new peanut butter, but pumpkin seeds are incredibly beneficial to a nursing mama's diet and milk supply.  Zinc, mamas, zinc. Recent studies are pointing to the importance of having adequate zinc levels in your breast milk for healthy lactation. Check out some of the most recent findings about zinc and breast milk here and here. Why do babies need zinc? Let me count the ways... Zinc supports a healthy immune system and protects against common colds and infections. Zinc is great for baby's skin (oh, that soft sweetness). It also aids in brain development (woohoo). Zinc allows...

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