Breastfeeding Mama Giveaway


  • Jamecia

    I’ve pumped 3x that and latched 2x, all in between the busy caring of an almost 2yr old, going to the store, and caring for my other children when they came home from school!!! I pump or latch all times of the day and night, and I had my baby last week, this would be a great relief for me, seeing as this is my 1st time breastfeeding any of my children!!!

  • Leslie

    Full time nursing student, part time worker and full time breast feeding mom! Love this journey and this would help out so much!

  • Karyn Wedll

    The breastfeeding journey is not easy. 2 months and still going. This would be a great help!

  • Mckynzee

    This would make breastfeeding in the NICU with my baby so much more comfortable and less stressful!

  • Andrea Wey

    Your products are amazing m, I live abroad and one of my girlfriends recommend your products and I can’t complain, I liked them A LOT!

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